Matthew McConaughey is in New York this week rehearsing for Saturday Night Live. He’s hosting this weekend with musical guest Adele. It’ll be his second time. The first time was in 2003 before he decided to remodel his career. Before he became Matthew McConaughey, Best Actor Oscar winner which people are still getting used to, as evidenced by John Oliver’s joke on Last Week Tonight a couple of episodes ago when he was talking about What The F-ck reality in 2015 and Matthew’s name came up. Also, Matthew hasn’t been on the show since Jim Carrey did that great parody of his Lincoln commercials.

So the point is I’m looking forward to it. Because for the most part, Matthew gets it. And it wouldn’t be impossible for him to parody his parody.

The last time I posted about him he was sacrificing his sexy on the set of Gold. Click here for a refresher. This marks the 10 year anniversary of Matthew being named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. Since that’s the theme for the day, let’s revisit his cover. I correctly predicted it that year, back when, you know, the SMA brand still held some cachet.