Unless he pulls a Mel Gibson in the next week, Matthew McConaughey is going to win the Emmy for True Detective on August 25. That means he’ll hold the Oscar and the Emmy in the same year. And it brings him half way to EGOT. Could he?

A Time To Kill was on last night. Jacek and I stayed up late to watch it because he’d never seen it, never heard McConaughey deliver the closing summation and that line, that disturbingly powerful line: “Now imagine she’s white”. He’s never been more attractive than he was in that film.

And then, well, then you know what happened. Until he decided he’d leave the sh-tty movie-making to Adam Sandler and Katherine Heigl. Next? Interstellar. Maybe Magic Mike. And now he’s working on Sea Of Trees in Boston, directed by Gus Van Sant. McConaughey and Ken Watanabe go into the Sea Of Trees to commit suicide. They end up hiking together instead and discovering why they don’t want to die. So maybe he’s not going for EGOT. Maybe he’s going for Oscar #2.