On Monday I wrote about PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2014. Click here for a refresher. In short, I thought it would probably be either Matthew McConaughey or Chris Pratt, given the year that both have had.

PEOPLE just released its cover for this week. It’s Matthew McConaughey’s 10 life-changing moments, written by Matthew McConaughey. So, given that they likely won’t be putting him on the cover two weeks in a row, the SMA for 2014 will probably not be McConaughey. Chris Pratt for the win?

Some of you still think we should do a handicap feature. Thank you for your feedback although I feel like most of it is coming from Cumber-crazies who want, badly, for it to be him. Reminds me of how the Twi-Hards used to lobby for it to be Robert Pattinson. Do you want to be compared to Twi-Hards, Batchies?

Click here to read about McConaughey’s life-changers. He has a movie coming out called Interstellar. Not sure if you knew that. It was his birthday yesterday. He was out in New York with Camila. He’s been everywhere all the time. You know, I do wonder if this was a compromise. I wonder if they offered it to him and he was like, I’m an Oscar winner now, I can’t be posing with my shirt off wearing only a cowboy hat on your cover anymore so how about I write down of my deep profundities and you give me a cover anyway? They did.