Look at you, you sneaky motherf-cker. The Spirit Award nominations were announced on November 27 and in all the debate about Silver Linings Playbook and whether or not it should have been considered and if Harvey Weinstein bullied them into it, Matthew McConaughey’s two nominations seemed to be overlooked:

Best Actor in Killer Joe
Best Supporting Actor in Magic Mike

Sarah went balls out and predicted pre-Cannes that McConaughey would receive an Oscar nomination in 2013. He won’t. But she was right, and probably the first to make the declaration, in that he’s definitely on track. These two Spirit Award nominations are a good foundation for next year. And when he shows up on the carpet in February on Oscar weekend all emaciated for his role in The Dallas Buyers’ Club he’ll be adding another layer to pre-campaign strategy. And then the movie will come out and he plays a man suffering from AIDS who becomes an advocate for AIDS treatment and, well, it might just happen in 2014, if they finish the film on time.

Here he is on set in New Orleans yesterday.