Matthew McConaughey was photographed heading to a meeting yesterday. Almost all the experts are predicting he’ll take Best Actor on Sunday night. He has a lot going for him. It’s been a 6 month long campaign and he’s played every step perfectly. And, conveniently, he’s also doing great work on True Detective. For the last 6 or 7 weeks now, McConaughey’s been on HBO every night in the show everyone is talking about. Some things just work out heavily in one person’s favour. The voters can’t escape him – in a good way. So it’s like they’re voting for him in two performances. Can you imagine if he goes on to win the Emmy too? Matthew McConaughey holding two major awards in film and television in the same six month period? Again, I want you to hear Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice if this happens. HIM!? REALLY?!

But then again, it IS Leo DiCaprio. So… what if he does lose? What if McConaughey, with all this momentum going into Sunday, actually isn’t called on Sunday? What’s the expression that shows up on his face? It’s one thing for all of us to sh-t on Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange for putting on a sucky face behind Christopher Plummer because…it’s CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER. Who can’t be happy for Christopher Plummer? But is it the same situation if McConaughey, who’s won almost everything up to this point, reacts with disappointment? If only we could Sliding Doors these moments. Because I want to know who we are in those moments. What our authentic, gossip-loving observer reactions are in those moments. As I always say, celebrity analysis illuminates truths about them but us as well.

Also attached – Reese Witherspoon doing some shopping today in advance of Oscar weekend. Not sure how many parties she’ll be hitting up but seeing as Jim Toth, her husband, is also McConaughey’s agent, I’m thinking she’ll be working the circuit, especially on Sunday night if he wins. Vanity Fair for sure, non?