Some people weren’t feeling Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks’ performance at the CMAs. (I see you, Kenny Chesney. But I also understand that no one wants to follow Beyoncé.) Other people were feeling it hard. Faith Hill knew all the words and was singing along. Miranda Lambert was getting really into it at the end. But no one demonstrated their feels for Daddy Lessons more than Daddy Longhorn himself, Matthew McConaughey.

We’re having a debate about what he wore. A friend of mine who was there texted as soon as he came on stage, “Thanks for dressing up, McConaughey”. But there’s Kenny Chesney in a t-shirt a few rows over. One of my producers argued in a meeting though that that’s always been Kenny’s vibe and that Matthew knows a red carpet, he knows formal attire for an award show. But then other people argued that it’s anything goes at the CMAs and it wasn’t like he was the only one. After that someone brought up that his wife was in a gown and that it’s mismatched as a couple and could a woman just go in a pair of jeans?

OK but all this conversation is taking away from the most important McConaughey moment of the night!
When he gave us one of the best award show cutaways of the year. THUMPS!