I wrote the other day in the Blake Lively Marie Claire article - click here for a refresher - that I am fascinated by how they decide on the image that makes magazine covers because oftentimes the cover photo is far inferior to the ones that make the inside pages. Of course it has to do with placement of the text and all that copy sh-t, whatever, but I mean, look at this shot of Matthew McConaughey and Camila for the new issue of PEOPLE.

Are you telling me his finger in her face is the best option they had?

Were they ordered to by the couple themselves?

It doesn’t make sense to me whatever the reason.

Unless he’s trying to tell her You’re The One although, you know, there may be a more subtle and more attractive way to convey that message...to say nothing of the cheesy manila envelope background that looks like a cubicle divider...


This is PEOPLE’s third major exclusive in as many weeks following Drew Barrymore’s wedding and Jessica Simpson’s baby. How’s that working out for them, cost vs sales? Porny’s Maxwell did not move as many copies as expected, underperforming by almost 400,000 copies below average. I can’t imagine Drew or Matthew could do better than that. The value of the celebrity exclusive is dropping. Sign of imminent recession? 

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