While Blake Lively is probably trying to convince Ryan Gosling to make her his steady, her discarded ex-boyfriend Penn Badgley was invited to bro down with Glee’s Matthew Morrison in Punta Cana over the holiday. Thanks to a lovely reader called Kate for the tip.

This week the two were at the Hard Rock Resort and have been seen together every night at the casino. They were also in the sports lounge watching a few games. And, well, you know what civilian girls can be like around famous boys. Penn might not be getting Lively ass anymore, but with Mr Schue as his wingman, I’m sure it hasn’t been a Lonely Boy Christmas. I don’t know about Penn, but Matthew has a pretty good game.

Oh and one more thing – Morrison and Badgley were joined by Lauren from The Hills and her boyfriend at some point. I don’t know, dude, if I’m Matthew Morrison, and I’m the star of the biggest show on TV, with all the buzz in the world, how do you go from Cameron Diaz to Blake Lively’s afterthought and a reality show blonde? We need to arrange for him some higher status friends.

Thanks again Kate!

File photos from Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com