Mr Shue for Raine

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2009 09:24:00 October 30, 2009 09:24:00

Raine in Calgary is in quarantine with the flu. Sent me an email yesterday with a request for some Glee. How about Joe and Mr Shue?

Joe Zee, the influential creative director of Elle, sat down with Matthew Morrison about the show and about his own career plans. Mr Shue is working on a solo album. Big band modernised, that’s the concept.

Everyone keeps comparing him to Justin Timberlake in 10 years. Like this is exactly what Pippy will look like: the hair, the body, the features, they could totally be brothers. Only Matthew Morrison is infinitely less annoying. And much, MUCH more humble.

Get well soon Raine.

Thanks Samantha!

For more of Matthew with Elle click here.

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