Page Six is reporting that Matthew Perry (who???) is dating Mandy Moore. That the two were seen at dinner the other night holding hands and whispering and cute. Totally makes sense to me. Matthew is Wonder Bread on the outside and all kindsa dark and damaged on the inside. And Mandy is trying to become deep and twisty herself, what with all the songs about depression and wearing black and sh-t, Matthew must present a particular draw…perhaps they are “healing” each other.

As for that ring on her finger – many of you asked about this photo yesterday and what appears to be a huge bauble on her left hand. She’s reportedly been wearing it for a while but she is not engaged to a man.

She is however engaged to herself – a self engagement, if you will… supposedly a new trend for single women probably inspired by the Ministry of Oprah:

Love yourself first! Love yourself before loving anyone else!

Apparently we can’t go shopping anymore without attaching to our purchases some kind of deeper meaning. Gag.

photos from WENN