What’s Your Price?

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Written by Duana

Nikki Finke is reporting that talks between AMC and Matthew Weiner might be disintegrating.

There are three items of contention: 1) Product placement 2) Shortening the show by two minutes – enough to fit one more commercial break and 3) losing two cast members in an effort to save budget for the show.

In exchange? He gets close to $30 million.

Nothing we say can affect what will happen. It’s going to go whichever way it does, regardless of the opinions of the viewers.

But let that number sit with you for a minute. Almost 30 million.

How many people would really say no? How many of you would really, in a profession that is essentially collaborative, that requires that you compromise all the time, every day – how many really wouldn’t find a way to make it work… for 30 million dollars!?!?!

There are two ways to interpret this: That the man is an egotist who can’t find a way to compromise, to make it work with his network – or that he’s unwilling to compromise his vision and what’s best for his show, even for a giant, giant pile of money.

I can tell you what a whole bunch of writers think - but what do you think? We’ll talk about it on Thursday during the TV Liveblog.

Attached – Weiner and Jon Hamm in January at the AFI Awards where Mad Men received the Year of Excellence Award.

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