May 22, 2009 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 22, 2009 06:39:52 May 22, 2009 06:39:52

Good luck to Danielle and her team who are off to Rochester NY this weekend for the Roc City Ribfest & KCBS BBQ Competition. Eat lots and drink well.

Congrats to Gunpreet got into UBC Med School from your sister Kamneev! No Taylor Kitsch hook-ups to tell you about (Lainey might) but I can tell you that you’re out of your mind if you think Chris Pine is good looking.

To our favourite queen B: Congrats on the latest edition to your family.The new puppy arrives tomorrow. Love your sisters in smut, A & J.

Happy belated b-day to Ellen. Lainey certainly did have a drink or two for you on Thursday. You can be sure of that. Hope your three year old’s feeling better and sleeping finally.


Happy belated 22nd to Jess. Taryn and Erin spent 6 hours on your Twilight cake! I was going to re-write the shout-out in my own words, but with a line like “…a cake so beautiful in fact that we made another to eat…” it’s worth a full read:

Hey Lainey! I just wanted to let you know you're awesome! I'm a huge twilight fan but I LOVE when you make fun of the's too funny and they need to lighten up!! Annnnyways...

I was wondering if you could do a shoutout to my best friend Jess. Her 22nd birthday was this past sunday and my other best friend and I spent over 6 hours creating what we believe to be the best birthday present ever! She's a HUGE...and I mean HUGE Twilight...well moreso a Robert Pattinson fan and so we made her a Twilight themed cake. A cake so beautiful in fact that we made another one to eat so this one can be looked at quite often. We're not entirely sure how we're going to preserve it yet but we're trying to figure out a way. got any ideas?

We also made homemade cards as well but I can't seem to upload them from my cellphone at the moment. Here's a picure of our cake that's attached!


Taryn (and Erin)

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