Meg Ryan was honoured in Italy at the Taormina Film Festival. Man, I really don’t know about those shoes. I don’t understand those shoes, though I suspect you’re not looking at the shoes because you’re looking at something else. Fair enough. I don’t understand the thing you’re looking at either. And if you don’t understand what we don’t understand, you are a better person for it.

Meg is there with her boyfriend John Mellencamp. They’ve been together about two and a half years now and there was speculation about overlap between them hooking up and his separation from Elaine Irwin, though he insists that he and Elaine were done long before he and Meg started. Elaine, by the way, is now engaged to Jay Penske, of the Penske family, yes, that one. Also he owns Deadline Hollywood and Variety and several other media outlets. And he was arrested last year for drunk-pissing on a woman’s shoes. Elaine is pregnant with his baby. Maybe she’s already given birth. She was expected to deliver this summer. Everyone’s moved on then.

Meg participated in a press conference at the festival yesterday. From her body language, it seems like it went well. And this is remarkable because ...well... she hasn’t always been great at interviews. Jonah Hill and Jesse Eisenberg recently made headlines for being sh-tty in their interviews. Click here and here for refreshers. But that’s nothing compared to what happened between Meg and Michael Parkinson -- do you remember? It’s known as one of the worst celebrity interviews of all time. SUPER awkward. He was obviously exasperated with her. And the result is...

You watch.