Between Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman and Granny Grease Meg Ryan, I don’t know what’s worse.

Meg Ryan showed up at the 18th Annual Courage in Journalism Awards last night not as scary looking as she has in the past but still oddly plumped, like the skin’s been inflated underneath – a grotesque rendering of what was once an extremely appealing face. Once upon a time, Meg was irresistible.

Then she divorced and embarked on a torrid love affair with Russell Crowe – or vice versa – and disappeared for a while only to emerge with evidence of injections all over her cheeks and lips. Now a layer of grease has settled on top of the skin and, coupled with what looks like some overgrown shaggy weave, the result is this…

Cute upon first glace and then rather disturbing in the end. Granny Grease indeed.

What happened to Meg Ryan?