Maybe I have a sun buzz. Meg Ryan was here in Cannes over the weekend at a photocall for the documentary Countdown to Zero. The trailer is below. Scared the sh-t out of me. Made me want to cry. Meg’s face however doesn’t scare me or make me want to cry like it used to. Have I grown accustomed to it (very possible) or has she geared down on the f-ckery?

You decide.

What’s it like in person? Didn’t see. I only saw her from the back walking away at the Palais. From the back she’s really, really skinny. And swings her arms exaggeratedly when she walks. I often wonder whether or not festival planners take love affairs into consideration when putting together the schedule. How fortuitous that Meg’s appearance was well after the departure of Russell Crowe.

Photos from and KCSPresse/