She almost looks like she did 10 years ago. Right?

It’s Meg Ryan out and about yesterday, photographed far enough away that you can’t see if she’s updated her cheeks or her lips lately. Oh Meg… why?

We were talking about Julia Roberts in the movie star article yesterday. Meg and Julia were at the top around the same time. When Harry Met Sally was 1989. Pretty Woman was 1990. Sleepless was 1993, as was Pelican Brief. Curiously enough they homewrecked around the same time too.

Meg and Russell Crowe were together in 2001, about when Julia hooked up with then-married Danny Moder. Only the MiniVan still supports Julia and has pretty much done away with Meg.


Plastic surgery and babies? Maybe?

Doesn’t matter to Meg. She said a few months ago that being branded a “scarlet woman” liberated her from the suffocating title of America’s Sweetheart.

From a career perspective though it hasn’t been so positive. Her next film could change that.

Serious Moonlight was the last screenplay written by Adrienne Shelley who wrote and directed Waitress but was murdered before the film’s release. Serious Moonlight will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival about a woman who catches her husband cheating and tapes him to the toilet but then the house is burgled. Hilary ensues. Also starring Timothy Hutton (good pairing, non?), Kristen Bell, and that Justin Long.

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