I can’t decide. You decide.

It’s Meg Ryan in New York promoting her new film Serious Moonlight first on Regis & Kelly and then at the premiere with director Cheryl Hines and Justin Long.

From some angles the work isn’t so scary. From other angles, the work is very, very scary. I loved Meg Ryan. I don’t recognise Meg Ryan anymore.

As for the movie…

Sigh. Wish Adrienne Shelley’s final screenplay could have been, um, not this. Meg’s husband Timothy Hutton cheats on her and wants to leave her for his young girlfriend so she tapes him to the toilet, making him her love hostage, but then they get robbed.

What the what?

NPR was not kind. From the review:

(Serious Moonlight) is a tone-deaf exploration of marital dysfunction, unbearable to watch and excruciating to listen to. The directing debut of actress Cheryl Hines (who should hang on tight to her job with HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm), the film stars a horrendously miscast Meg Ryan as Louise, a high-maintenance lawyer.

And this on the heels of the disastrous The Women last year, Meg is making me sad.

Trailer is below. It’s a mess.

Photos from Wenn.com and ST/Splashnewsonline.com