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Blake Lively’s girl drama cost her a job

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 30, 2012 20:35:56 January 30, 2012 20:35:56
Koki Nagahama/Getty

And IΓÇÖm not down with that. Last week we talked about Blake LivelyΓÇÖs involvement in Steven SoderberghΓÇÖs new movie and how her casting as the lead caused a producer, the one with the money, to walk off the project. Click here for a refresher. The other producers then came out and said that Lively did not have the job in the bag after all and now today itΓÇÖs being reported that the role went, in fact, to Rooney Mara. Full Story

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Blake Lively girl drama

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 25, 2012 17:34:43 January 25, 2012 17:34:43

IΓÇÖll admit up front that IΓÇÖm not a fan of Blake Lively. So take all this with a grain of salt. IΓÇÖd love to be able to point and laugh and go, ΓÇ£Haha, everyone hates Blake Lively.ΓÇ¥But a development broke last night that had me thinking I might be too hard on Lively, at least some of the time. Full Story