So their previous engagement lasted over 2 years and ended up broken. This engagement was a week long and culminated in a wedding. As you know, Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green in Hawaii, confirmed by their reps. I find it surprising that it’s the first for both.

Shall we do what we do? Shall we “psychologise” their marriage? Of course.

They have a volatile relationship. They fight passionately, spectacularly, and sometimes I hear even dangerously. There’s a lot of sh-t happening between them these days, and while they may have cleaned it up, this is not a Reese Witherspoon style household. And it certainly won’t become one just because there’s a ring on their fingers.

Megan has suffered several career setbacks, back to back. Transformers fired her. Everybody hates Jonah Hex. She’s trying to rewrite her reputation. And at a time when everything else seems so unstable, even an unstable love can appear to be the only constant, and therefore something to hang on to. It’s easy to forget how young Megan is. And how young she was when she started. And how lonely it can be, how lonely it IS, in Hollywood. And how so many of these actors never have an opportunity to develop their core before they begin living adult lives.

And of course there’s an image at stake here. Megan is hated by women over 20, lusted over by Ed Hardy men. It’s been encouraged certainly by her photo spreads so far, sure, and by her free talk about sex and such, but in reality, she doesn’t do the LA party scene like Lilo, she hasn’t been linked to every man in town like Sienna Miller. The goal perhaps then is to modify our impression. She’s now a wife and step-mother. Will we ever think of her that way and not as the girl with the Pretend Face?

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