Megan Fox attended the Celebration of Jaguar Design & 50th Anniversary of the E-Type last night in New York. Paid?

She brought along husband Brian Austin Green. Seriously, David Silver is hot. I included though the shot of him standing behind her as she handled a few interviews. This happens to him all the time. And I’m down with it if he’s down with it. Kinda makes me like him more. Than Chris Martin…?

Anyway, we should talk about her Pretend-Face. Which, must stress, is not the same as a Freeze Face. Pretend-Face isn’t Nicole Kidman who has her own face but has totally immobilised it. Pretend-Face is a face that’s man-made. Something you stick on top of another face and doesn’t look quite… real. Look at it. It’s crazy. Like, you can buy it. After ordering it in a catalogue somewhere if you’re special enough. Even the different expressions. You could probably find them on Page 9, 16, and 27. What’s the secret password to get access to that book?

Photos from and JosiahW/ and Andrew H. Walker/