It looks like it’s eroding.

There was a side shot of it tonight and I thought I saw Kate Moss come out to say hi.

Megan Fox’s however isn’t eroding from coke like Kate’s though. Or… maybe it is. But the other part of it has to do with too much doctor cutting. That Pretend Face of hers… it’s demented. And when she’s angry it actually becomes worse.

Of course we were knee slapping ourselves silly when she was bumped on Ryan Seacrest’s carpet for Anne Hathaway. Of course we were. This is Hollywood hierarchy.

Yeah Megan. You and BAG and your Pretend Face can wait right here because Anne Hathaway just got here and she’s more important than you are.

You know, they almost left. They almost left and they were cajoled back.

See, this is real television. When Megan Fox is told to Sit DOWN and WAIT, that is real television.

Her dress was Armani Prive. A beautiful dress, yes. And somehow, on her, kinda cheap. Is that his brand message? Because Hathaway was wearing one too. Now there’s the brand message, wouldn’t you think?

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