Megan Fox showed up at CinemaCon the other day for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and everyone ended up talking about her pregnancy. She is expecting her third child. But she filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green at the end of last summer. So it was an awkward who? maybe? dance in all the subsequent reports about the father…which promoted this Instagram post from Megan yesterday:



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It’s actually my favourite thing she’s ever done. Cheeky, right? And then she and BAG were papped together yesterday, basically ending any speculation that it could be someone else. So they weren’t getting along, decided to split, then fell back into bed together and here we are. It happens in real life too, all the time. For what it’s worth though, Megan and BAG were seen house hunting a couple of months ago, so it’s either a proper reconciliation or Conscious Uncoupling on steroids. Gwyneth and Chris did it while their children were grown. Megan and BAG could be doing it while a child is growing inside of her.