Another exclusive for US Weekly - Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are done. According to a source for the magazine, “they decided on it six months ago”. Not sure if these two are f-cking with their separation timeline the way Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner did.

Can you believe Megan isn’t even 30 yet? She’s 29, born the same year as Lindsay Lohan. Megan and BAG have been together for 11 years. Those are critical years. This can’t be shocking then, can it? Apparently things have been “rocky” for some time. And they fight about her career, hers being the more prominent one. Even before they were married though, there were rumours about how volatile their relationship could be and dramatic blowouts at the house. The assumption though was that after two children, they’d calmed their sh-t down.

And then Shia LaBeouf tried to FaceTime her after he drunkenly threatened his girlfriend – click here for a refresher.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Also, what would happen if you put Megan Fox on a set with Ben Affleck?