Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were in Santa Monica together yesterday dining together at the Ivy by the Shore obviously unable to stay apart. Or maybe she hasn’t found anyone better to launch off to yet. Unfortunately the night after they hung out Robert Pattinson took off for Vancouver. She’ll have to wait for weekend visits. Having said that, if you love Rob, she might not be the greatest influence, especially given the dynamics of her relationship with BAG.

Dramatic screaming matches. To the point that rumour has it their neighbours apparently have to call the cops. Supposedly happens all the time. And the cops get there and the two of them, it’s a mess. Scratches on his arm, he says she’s violent, she says he’s violent, both allegedly observed to be tweaking, they’re horrid to each other and everyone else – these two are f-cked.

And they have food issues too. Word is in person he’s rail thin. They’ll go out, they’ll share a small salad.

This is why I’d never date an actor.

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