So Megan Fox and Brian (Austin) Green’s son was born at the end of September and we’re just now hearing about it. Does it make you love them a little bit? It does, right?  

I have bad news – you might be about to love them more. If you’ve been getting in on this name snob thing (and a lot of you have, so, thanks first of all, and second, HA, welcome to the addiction that never ends), you will be charmed by their boy’s name: Noah Shannon Green.

It’s SO good. It really is. Notice that I said “their boy”? It’s because “Noah” doesn’t immediately denote a particular time when he was born – it’s timeless. It bobs along on the popularity train -- right up at #5 last year -- but somehow it still feels appropriate, not overused. Nothing relative to, say, your “Caydens”. It’s a nice name that will grow into a man’s name.

And don’t any of you get up on me with the whole “oh but ‘Shannon’” – first of all, Shannon is a lovely name and was, like many typical girls names today, originally for males, and in this context, seems to be something maybe family-related? If they  were going for something shocking or “out there”, they would have made it much more dramatic. Let us never forget Bronx Mowgli.

I also have to point out that there are some types who would need a “soft” name like Noah to be followed by something utterly manly: Thomas, Daniel, Matthew. They didn’t go that way. I’m liking them even more. And as Lainey mentioned, it goes really well with BAG’s older son, Cassius. Cassius is undoubtedly more distinct, but as a sibling group, I buy it. Noah’s brother Cassius. Cassius and Noah. Blending the two siblings, regardless of who shares which parents? That’s skillful and important work. They did a nice job.

I mean, to play Devil’s Advocate, if I were getting REALLY nitpicky, I’d say they could have added another syllable somewhere, since apparently the ideal first-middle-last names, when it comes to flow and music to the ears, should be a combination of a three, two, and one syllable name -- Lucy Alexis Liu is an example here -- but since nobody really says all three names after your birth announcement, who cares?

This is lovely, and as a result I may have to like them a lot more, as might you.   I’m sorry/you’re welcome?

Attached -- Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green on September 23, 4 days before she gave birth.