Amazingly enough, Megan Fox managed to keep her thumb out of her mouth on Saturday for the German leg of the Transformers promotional tour.

Body is killer. That face though – again with that waxy wannabe Jolie face. From some angles you’d actually think this was her wax figure, non? Something very, very fake about her features. Like they’re synthetic. Or something.

Anyway, this is a good time to talk about celebrities lying about their height.

Megan Fox is sold at 5 ft 5.

They all claim they’re 5 ft 5.

But Shia is tiny. On a very, very, VERY generous day, Shia might barely graze 5 ft 9. Barely.

Now look at her shoes. How high they are. And she is STILL shorter than he is.


She’s not 5 ft 5. She’s 5 ft 3. At most.

They’re all an inch, if not two, shorter than their listings. This is what will ultimately save me from this Eminem sickness. Because he’s tiny. Which is why during our imaginary conversations he’s always sitting down.

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