His name is Brian Austin Green. You know him better as David Silver. He spent most of the 90s making out with Tori Spelling…remember him?

Oh yeah…him.

Brian Austin Green is engaged to Megan Fox, a man in his 30s desperately hanging on to his young break out girl who is trying to cope with outgrowing him. So, like a whiny little bitch, Brian opted not to attend the Golden Globes the other night with his prize.

As she told the emaciated Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet that night:

"Brian doesn't want to be here. He doesn't want to be my date. He's a man. He has an ego. I think he's probably working on music. I don't think he cares."

Oh honey…

Is that what he told you? Is that how he holds you? Is that how he controls you?

Through guilt?

Because you spent the entire time feeling it, didn’t you? Feeling badly that he didn’t come, feeling upset because he was upset, unable to enjoy your first Golden Globes.

It’s textbook manipulation.

And for a girl who claims to have such progressive views on female imagery in Hollywood, on women and sex, it’s also really pathetic. Because in explaining his absence by justifying his “manhood” she has actually upheld the most traditional, most man-centric perspectives: that a man is less of a man if he’s not the primary focus. That a man should always be #1. That a man should never accept NOT being #1.

Way to go Megan. How very enlightened of you.

Brian Austin Green attended the Fox TV Winter Party last night in LA. Megan was told to stay home and keep the bed warm.

Megan Fox at the Golden Globes

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