Megan Fox is promoting This Is 40. She was at a press conference in Beverly Hills the other day, one of her first official work engagements since having her baby, which, I don’t remember his name right now and can’t be bothered to Google but my point is that I can remember what Gwyneth Paltrow wore 12 years ago to a particular premiere and it’s just interesting the details your brain will hold on to.

Anyway, I just called Sasha over to my desk because Megan’s face is... I mean... there’s a reason why I call it a Pretend Face. It’s like her neck is holding up a doll’s head. Beautiful, no doubt. But terrifying too, right? You know, they used to say that the eyes were the most important feature, and large eyes were prized. But when they shoot all that filler into the cheeks, it pushes them up, and the effect is that the eyes actually get smaller but also longer horizontally. Like, now she’s part Asian too.

You don’t have to keep the face you were born with anymore. And while the immediate reaction might be to express outrage or dismay about this, the fact of the matter is a lot of people, perhaps more and more people, believe it’s OK. That our modern advancements have given us the RIGHT to modify our appearance any way we want. It’s a fascinating philosophical discussion/debate, and the only part of it that I feel sure about is the honesty. If you do, don’t walk around being all like -- oh I came by it naturally, because if that’s the case, doesn’t it negate the argument that these new technologies have given us the ability to improve on nature?