Megan Fox was spotted out and about furniture shopping with not so ex Brian Austin Green today before heading back to his place.

So are they or aren’t they?

Who the f-ck cares?

The point is she’s NOT with John Mayer. Because he didn’t take advantage and move in there. And now Jennifer Aniston is back in LA. And Megan is back in Brian’s clutches. Our shot at amazing smut has been iced for now. F-cker.

On the professional front, Fox has just been confirmed for 2 new comic book action projects, furthering her reputation as the poor man’s Angelina Jolie. Her hard work famewhoring lately has paid off. Have you noticed?

The strategically heaved cleavage. That bra poking out from under her shirt. Those skanky heels…

Angelina Jolie has never been desperate. Megan Fox will never be.

But she is getting a lot of work. She’ll star with Josh Brolin and John Malkovich in Jonah Hex as a “gun-wielding beauty” and also in Fathom as some kind of superhero water nymph. People are already starting to speculate about a possible hook up on set with Brolin.

If this bitch f-cks with Diane Lane I will cut her.


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