When Michael Bay fired Megan’s pretend face from Transformers 3, a lot of people proclaimed that it was done for her. I’ve noted on several occasions that I didn’t know if I agreed with that. Michael Bay makes big movies, certainly, but he’s also a dickhead. And that’s not exactly a secret. I’m not sure that he can dictate the demise of an actor’s career.

As for Megan’s career – it seems as though not being involved in Transformers is working out well. She took a part in Jennifer Westfeldt’s film Friends With Kids with Jon Hamm and several others, replacing Anne Hathaway, and now she’s close to being confirmed in Judd Apatow’s follow-up to Knocked Up with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. These are good friends for her to be making. And it’s smart to agree to the supporting roles. You might snark and say that she’s saying yes to anything she can get, but it means she’s willing to flex, to grow, to work in comedy, and to have an opportunity to prove she’s versatile.

Is she?

That remains to be seen. The fact that these people are giving her the chance though, it speaks volumes too.

But these decisions take the pressure off of her to carry a huge film. And they establish her as someone who appears to be serious about wanting to act. I’m into it. But then again, my hate-on for her isn’t as hard as it for others.

This is Megan shopping in West Hollywood last week.

Photos from Wenn.com