You keep asking whether or not Megan Fox will have a career now that she’s been dumped from Transformers. Well... if the teens are deciding, and the teens decide an awful lot these days, it looks like she doesn’t have to worry yet.

Megan was voted Choice Hottie on the girl side last night and showed up with her husband and her freaky Pretend Face, those eyes hitched up around the back of her head, and a creepy puckered mouth that might house a forked tongue. Lethal sex weapon alien disguised as femme-bot, see? It’s really too bad because her outfit is so cute.

To be fair though, let’s give Megan some love for donating her earnings from the Love the Way You Lie video to a women’s shelter. As far as assholes go, there are bigger ones.

Photos from and Alberto E. Rodriguez/Jason Merritt/