Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green showed up at the Hollywood premiere of Puss in Boots LA yesterday which I will watch in theatres because...have you seen the trailer? It looks awesome. And early reviews are very, very good. The kids will love it. The grown-ups too.

So it was a family outing for Megan and BAG with his son... but I can only focus on how puffy her face seems to be, even at this distance.  Is it just me? You don’t see a lot of Madonna happening here? On young Megan Fox who is only 25 years old? Why does a 25 year old have a Pretend Face?

I don’t dislike Megan Fox as intensely as so many others. As already noted, she says some dumb sh-t but she is by no means the most offensive of the lot and, frankly, I think there’s a lot of confusion happening in there - getting objectified by Michael Bay, for starters, and then retreating in an attempt to reject that objectification and then wondering if that objectification might just be irreversible...

Only to end up, as a result, powerless to resist the urge to mess with her features, “fix” the things about herself she doesn’t like, or...that bloat might be the result of another kind of tweak. It’s hard to say what’s worse.