Prince Harry dropped Meghan Markle off at Heathrow himself yesterday after they spent a week together in London, seeing shows, buying Christmas trees, and sipping hot cocoa by the fire in his cosy cottage at Kensington Palace. I made up that last part but weren’t you imagining it too? This is all I want to imagine because in a year full of f-cksh-t days, today is an exceptionally f-cksh-t day.

Meghan and Harry won’t see each other now until after Christmas. He’ll be at Sandringham with the royal family and the Queen and she’s gone home to Toronto to see her dogs and will likely be travelling home to spend Christmas with her own family. US Weekly has reported, however, that there’s a holiday planned for some time after Christmas though so… Harry and Meghan New Year’s Eve is a strong possibility.

Today Harry was with Prince William and Kate for a visit to The Mix youth service in London. It was a celebration for the volunteers and they were there to give out prizes and thank the staff and volunteers for their hard work. Over the last few years, it’s always been this threesome, the Cambridges and Harry on official duty. If Harry gets married, one day, if, does this become a foursome? Or do they split up by couple and divide up the duties?