As I always say: Girl Sh-t is the Best Sh-t. And Spice Girl Sh-t is even better.

Seems like they’re all pregnant right now. The latest to announce is Melanie Brown. She joins Emma Bunton and, of course, Victoria Beckham, all expecting babies later this year. Apparently Victoria hasn’t reached out to Mel to offer congratulations. We know this because Mel pretty much spelled it out for us on her Twitter:

Ahh big thanks to my spice girls mel c, geri and emma for all the baby well wishes! Love you! Xxxxx.

All that effort, Posh goes through all that effort to distance herself from the Spice history, and look what they do. They even get knocked up on purpose just to f-ck with her, just so that she’ll never be able to shake that part off. If it was up to her, you know, she’d only have you remember her as “Victoria Beckham, style authority”, as opposed to “Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl who did the least amount of singing but the most amount of posing and married David Beckham”. What? Isn’t that her actual title?

And for those of you who’ve written recently to suggest “Angel” as a possible name for Beckham Four, I was a fan of Angel a while ago too, until several other readers pointed out that Mel B’s second child’s name is Angel.

There is no way.

Posh would never, ever copy another Spice child name.

So if it’s not LaLa, can it just be Malibu? Click here if you missed my original post on the Beckham naming options.


Attached – Posh and Scary getting along last year at Elton John’s Oscar party

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