I love this trend. Mothers with troubled daughters. Mothers estranged from daughters. Mothers going straight to the tabloids to send their daughters a message of love and encouragement.

Dina Lohan, Lynne Spears…now Mel B’s mother Andrea is speaking out against her sudden marriage, describing it as a “big mistake” and pleading with her daughter publicly to deal with her post pregnancy drama and the Eddie Murphy wars rationally instead of blindly putting her faith in someone with a shoddy romantic record.

It appears Stephen Belafonte, the new Mr Scary, is a wife beater and a dead beat dad.

Damn. Mel B and Britney… they know how to pick ‘em, don’t they? First Eddie the solicitor who refuses to acknowledge his baby, now Stephen the abuser, roughing up women and neglecting the children.

Girl power…really???

Then again… listen to her mother.

According to Mel’s mom:
"I was with Mel for a month before Angel was born and stayed with her two months afterwards. She was so lonely, at rock-bottom. She had post-natal depression and was vulnerable. All that with Eddie Murphy really knocked her for six, but you can"t discuss it with her. She can"t deal with it. She"s trying to block it out. I think she"s made a big mistake. How can you fall in love that quick? I"m desperate to speak to her. I feel like jumping on a plane and flying out to her. I"m so worried. Melanie is not the normally the sort to be taken in by anyone, but her hormones were all over the place after the baby (Angel Iris). Maybe Stephen came along at just the right time and said all the right things. I need to speak to her, but she won"t answer my calls because she knows what I"m going to say.”

Understandable sentiments if told to a friend. But to the UK Sunday Mirror???

Who are these people? Why can’t they keep their sh-t to themselves?