And a f&cking moron too. Next time you try to cover up calling your friend and colleague a Faggot, don’t do it in front a hundred journalists ready to eat you alive. First Katherine Heigl went for his throat, now TR Knight is – rightly so – going in for the kill. And NOT on Oprah! Hee. Sorry…not a laughing matter. In fact, it’s a very serious matter. A matter that had apparently been put to bed but has ironically been resurrected by Isaiah himself which is why TR is finally telling his side of the story, confirming on Ellen Degeneres that YES INDEED…YES Isaiah Washington did indeed call him a Faggot. And where do we rank homophobic pricks? Right down there with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. Time to fire Isaiah? Time to pull a classic daytime tv manoeuvre and replace him with another actor? Time to send him back to Fox News where he f*cking belongs? Yes, yes, and yes. Because I love Dr Burke, the character. Because I love the unique relationship between Dr Burke the character and Christina Yang the character. Because I think killing him off would be weak. Because I think it would be much sweeter revenge to let Isaiah Washington watch someone else doing his old job week in and week out while he fills in for Rush Limbaugh on vacation. Pray Goddess…let it be so. Source