Rethinking Little George?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 23, 2006 12:00:00 October 23, 2006 12:00:00
Thanks to Val for sending this along - an outtake from George Clooney"s recent Vanity Fair shoot. Instant loin de-quiveration if you ask me. Number 2 on my Freebie Five appears to be standing on a stool to keep up with Gemma Ward in what looks to be 2 inch heels. Gemma is listed at 5 ft 10, if you believe the stats. With these shoes on she"d be around 6 ft, a wee bit shorter than George on a block that"s clearly more than 2 inches. So if the block is approximately 3.5 inches and her shoes are approximately 2 inches, doesn"t that make him shorter than her at around 5 ft 9 - IF she really is 5 ft 10? As you know, stats aren"t always reliable, in fact they"re often fudged, especially when it comes to actors. George is listed as 5 ft 11 on IMDB. But so is Mel Gibson for that matter, though most swear he"s no more than 5 ft 8. And if George is barely taller than Gemma Ward standing on a stool, can he really be 5 ft 11? Or is my math just wonky? Not that I have anything against short men, my own father is a diminutive 5 ft 4, but the Freebie Five is about fantasy, right? And fantasy is based on preference, right? And if my preference is no less 5 ft 10 - the absolute limit - and if George is possibly less than 5 ft 10, doesn"t that preclude him from the Freebie Five??? Just asking…

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