For some reason they’re making a sequel to Daddy’s Home. Sarah reviewed the first movie. She didn’t care for it. In fact, she wrote at the time that actually preferred the Point Break remake. I’m with Sarah but apparently we are a minority because people wanted more Daddy’s Home so Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are shooting it right now in Massachusetts. And oh look who else – it’s Mel Gibson, apparently playing Mark’s character’s dad.

Mel Gibson, with his racist and misogynist past, is playing a man who sired Mark Wahlberg, who once, with a group of friends, threw rocks and shouted racial epithets at black children and assaulted an Asian man, blinding him in one eye, also while shouting racial epithets. But wait! They also have homophobia in common. Click here for an uplifting highlight reel of Mel’s homophobia and as for Mark? Remember when he said he was “creeped out” when he read the script for Brokeback Mountain? This coming from a guy who was in Boogie Nights.

In other words, this is perfect casting. Like from now on, if Mel’s in a movie and someone has to be his son, or if Marky’s in a movie and someone has to be his dad, this is pretty much the only option. They belong together.