Too easy.

And there are more. I’m sure you can think of a few.

It’s Mel Gibson on set in NY with his hand shoved up a stuffed beaver filming a movie called The Beaver. No doubt it’ll be an Oscar contender. Actually…

His old friend Jodie Foster is directing it. The Beaver probably won’t suck.

As you know, Mel’s new piece, who is currently promoting a new album, is pregnant with his 48th child. She told GMTV in the UK a couple of weeks ago that they have no plans to marry. Well that’s not very churchy, is it?


I don’t want this Mel. Can we send him back in exchange for the old illusion? Even now when I watch his old movies, including What Women Want, even now I still want to believe he really is that charming. That he isn’t a racist bad drunk middle aged bible freak. Where did the old one go?

Photos from Ron Asadorian/