Oksana is pregnant. The National Enquirer broke the story first, now TMZ is confirming it.



That cheesy looking piece Mel Gibson dragged out to Wolverine a few weeks ago. Remember how smug they looked?

For her it’s because she’s secured herself a crazy bank account. For him, yeah we get it. At 52 Mel is still a prolific progenitor. His penis is fully operational. Also, God must be happy. No contraception!

So many smutty angles on this one. Of course it has everything to do with money. Mel is negotiating a divorce agreement. They say it’s amicable. If I’m the ex wife, I keep it amicable so long as this mail order golddigger doesn’t Heather Mills herself all over the Gibson Trust. Because according to his personal beliefs, marriage must happen. Like Mrs. Oksana.

Wonder if Robyn even knew about the baby…

Wonder if Oksana will enjoy sharing her future fortune with the Church of Mel Gibson.

Ugh. Remember when Mel Gibson used to be charming?

Photo from Wenn.com