The midlife cock belongs to Mel Gibson for obvious reasons. The Beaver is the title of his upcoming film, directed by Jodie Foster, originally planned for release in October. That is until this week, when Radar published excerpts from recordings of an abusive argument alleged to involve Gibson and his estranged baby mother Oksana Grigorieva. Click here to read the full transcript. I have no interest in reproducing the quotes, suffice to say in summary that Mel uses the n-word with disgusting proficiency and liberally peppers his threats of violence with sexual orders, demonstrating a raging God complex that can quickly turn vengeful.

On the heels of his previous scandal, during which he drove drunk and treated the cops to a display of anti-Semitic sugar tits, and after leaving his long suffering wife for a Russian drama queen, public opinion of Gibson wasn’t exactly favourable to begin with. Now? Now it’s almost unsalvageable. Now he’s jeopardised The Beaver, after his good friend Jodie Foster decided to cast him.

Should we talk about Jodie Foster? Because as amazing as she is, she clearly now has one MAJOR flaw. Her flaw is Mel Gibson. She has stood by Mel Gibson. Will she keep standing by Mel Gibson? Mel Gibson is a Racist. And that sh-t can’t be blamed on the anger, it can’t be blamed on the drink. That sh-t can’t be fixed by rehab, although no doubt he’ll probably try. That sh-t is taught, it’s learned, it’s passed on, it’s part of the soul, and any tolerance of it through friendship and forgiveness is an insidious endorsement of his beliefs: that Jews, blacks, immigrants, women, and anyone not exactly white like him is a second class animal that only deserves to be beaten and demoralised.

As for how legit this all is, well, TMZ reports that: Mel's rep just told TMZ he could not confirm the credibility or accuracy of the tapes.

Please. If they can’t deny something THIS horribly serious, you know it’s because they CAN’T deny it. Because it’s true.

Which is why Mel Gibson is now apparently trying to win back his wife. Because now he needs her to save everything else, AFTER he goes to some bullsh-t treatment program for a quick fix and Jay Leno that insipid sycophant invites him onto his couch for a makeover tour. F-ck off.

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