He’s single…

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But do you still want him?

Before George Clooney there was Mel Gibson. Please. If you are 30+ don’t pretend you don’t remember. You remember. There were women back in the day who would have cut off their breasts for the chance at a stab with Mel Gibson.

Then Mel Gibson lost his mind.

No more quivering for Mel Gibson.

Now Mel Gibson is about to join the singles market. His wife Robyn – they’ve been married 28 years – has filed for divorce, this on the heels of him getting photographed at the beach frolicking with some piece a few weeks ago. Click here to see.

Last year he was supposedly hooking up with some broad called Oksana on the set of his new movie. And then there’s the Britney angle. Remember after she shaved her head and went to rehab, they’d meet up for lunch and “talk”?


All this on top of the infamous DUI and those anti-Semitic sentiments…

Needless to say, Robyn’s had it. She’s out. And she’s entitled to half of his cash. Their exact split date will determine how much she actually gets.

The question is: how much is left?

He’s super rich, no doubt…but he’s also been writing massive multimillion dollar cheques to his controversial church the Holy Family Catholic Church in Malibu. It was reported last October that he’d donated another $15 million on top of the countless millions he’d already contributed. Mel supposedly has a hand in the Church’s expansion and renovation and recruitment. Very Pillars of the Earth. Some say he’s actually the head of the Church, not just its most generous benefactor…

The Holy Family Catholic doctrine is so extreme even the Vatican does not recognise it. Women must wear veils and are not allowed to put on pants.

Can you blame her for wanting out?

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