Well that’s a carefree way of looking at it.

Am sure you’ve heard by now – Melanie Griffith has checked into rehab, the same facility where Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst and Eva Mendes received treatment. According to her rep:

"She is there to reinforce her commitment to stay healthy. This is part of a routine plan that was designed between her and her doctors years ago."

Makes it sound like a pap smear.

As you know, publicists are known to sugarcoat situations. In this case, word on the street https://dlisted.com/node/33570 is that Antonio Banderas gave her an ultimatum, telling her to get clean or he would leave. You’ll recall he also, a few years ago, ordered her to ease up on the plastic surgery.

Is addiction sad smut? Of course.

But it’s something else at play here. There’s a difference between “privacy please, period” and “I don’t really have a problem, I’m just getting a check up”.

File photo from Wenn.com