I never want to be this embarrassed for someone. Because it’s uncomfortable. Embarrassment is awkward and ill-fitting, there’s no pleasure in feeling it, not when it’s related to you, or to someone else.

Fontrum is the worst degree of other person embarrassment. And the worst fontrum I’ve felt in a while just happened after reading this report – from The Hollywood Reporter, under the new leadership of Janice Min – on how the new season of Dancing With The Sh-ts came to be: who was approached and declined (Sly Stallone, Ann Coulter, Tim Allen, and more) and who keeps getting declined BY THE SHOW because she’s just a little too desperate.

Revealed the source:

"Melanie Griffith tries to get on every season."

Don’t you wish you could un-read that?

It’s bad enough she wants to be on it but then to be REJECTED by it? Oh la. The fontrum, it’s so gross.

Photos attached of Melanie with Antonio Banderas in Spain a few weeks ago celebrating his birthday.

And if you care, click here for more on Dancing With the Sh-ts salaries and benefits. But be warned. It’ll only make you mad.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com