OK I know her face is totally off centre and I know she"s as loopy as they come but I"ve always had a soft spot for Melanie Griffith and I"m not sure why. She"s like a deck of cards - so fragile, just barely held together, so openly damaged it"s not even fun making fun, you know? And the way she"s fought so endearingly to hang on to her man, you almost just have to back off and say - ok, honey…he"s all yours, you earned him, and we"ll even forgive you for homewrecking. Does that make sense? I"m also incredibly impressed with Antonio himself, the way he"s committed himself to his wife and their child, the way he has tried to save her from destroying herself any more than she has already, and they way he has remained faithful. Because beyond the usual "everyone in Hollywood cheats on everyone else" rumours, I have never heard anything reliable that questions his devotion to his wife. Not bad for the winner of the Daily Hoff contest, non? So anyway, here they are in NY yesterday, on their way to an event. As you can see, Melanie looks lovelier than she has in ages and shocker of shockers - she"s actually wearing something nice. Antonio"s no slouch himself although I"m surprised at how much I miss the Euro grease, especially now that I"ve just taken a walk down Hoff lane. Here - you enjoy it too. What"s a long weekend without a pair of stuffed boxers?