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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 25, 2015 14:32:09 November 25, 2015 14:32:09

Dear Gossips,

By now you know that Adele’s 25 has smashed ‘NSYNC’s first week sales record. And she only needed 3 days to do it. You also know that her accomplishment is even more remarkable considering the way the music industry has changed.

‘NSYNC members JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass have all commented on social media and/or through Billboard, congratulating Adele on breaking their standard. Chris Kirkpatrick retweeted a link about the news. So. You know what’s coming, right?

There are five members of ‘NSYNC. And…?

Sure. You could argue that JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris have nothing else going on. And that of course they’d want to jump in on a relevant story even if it’s kinda about their own irrelevance. Or you could say that it’s gracious. “Gracious” is not a word generally used to describe That Person.

At the time of this post, he has yet to respond. Why should he? Yeah, he shouldn’t have to. No one has to do anything. But if he doesn’t, would you be surprised? First, he’s way past the boy band and is his own big f-cking deal now. Second, well, maybe he just hasn’t figured out how two make Adele’s achievement all about himself yet? Give it time.

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