I think this Vivienne Westwood is glorious on her. Magestic. And it's great encouragement too. That a woman of Meryl's merit, maturity, and stature can wear the SH-T out of a designer garment that was originally sent down the runway on an 18 year old genetic freak.

There's also something to be said about her reaction to winning. It's not that Meryl never wants it. She just ...isn't that hungry for it. Or...is it that her hunger for it isn't manifested so obviously as the others?

It turns out that Meryl campaigns too. Did you hear about that email? Harvey Weinstein, sensing that his Iron Lady may have been losing momentum to Viola Davis, sent out an email last week via The Hollywood Reporter that included an interview featuring Meryl that some say edged the line on violating Academy policy. It was delivered to THR subscribers so, technically, not directly to Academy voters. But many voters are THR recipients. Click here for more detail. It's not a punishable move, but some do think it certainly came close. And, given that Meryl presumably wasn't drugged during the clip, and knowingly participated, it speaks to her willingness to engage. She's not namechecking her daughter every 5 minutes or dragging out a new girlfriend on the carpet, but our Meryl is a player. She's just playing, like Jean Dujardin, in a much more palatable manner than her competitors.

And in the process, inviting Colin Firth to come to her rescue. See her BAFTA acceptance speech below.

I suspect that Meryl's measured willingness to indulge Weinstein and his tactics has much to do with her attachment to this role. The movie is a mess. But her loyalty to it is unwavering. In the end then, where she's concerned, it's still, primarily, about the work.

Holy f-ck! That was a loooooong day and a very full column! Duana and I so appreciate your support and your feedback and your criticisms. Keep it coming!

Next - the Oscars. February 26th. An allnighter, hopefully, to remember.

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