Into The Woods New York premiere last night. Meryl Streep was there. This is all that matters. And look at her. I love this outfit. I love it even more than she didn’t pass her handbag off to an assistant and kept it with her on the carpet. The handbag is a proper handbag too. Not an accessory clutch, not a stylish cigarette and lipstick holder but an over-the-shoulder, gets in the way of posing if you’re Victoria Beckham BAG. Very few of them carry their bags with them at the photo wall. But how many of them are Meryl?

When you have Meryl, you don’t need Johnny Depp. The Big Bad Middle Aged Wolf did not show up for the event. If he did, I haven’t seen photos. Too busy, too cool, not missed. Not when our girl crushes are there.

Anna Kendrick showed up in black and white with a leather belt that makes the outfit. And Emily Blunt wore Dolce&Gabbana and it’s a gorgeous dress but…is her makeup maybe too harsh? Or do you not notice because HER SHOES. So much porn in those shoes.