Awards season means the likes of Lauren Conrad are shoved to the side…have you noticed? It’s time for real stars, real celebrity, so f-ck off reality twats because Meryl Streep has just won a SAG. Wearing a pantsuit. Heh.

Love that Meryl is never super appreciative. That she doesn’t have to be. Surprised, yes, but not because she didn’t think she deserved it, but because she thinks they don’t give them to her anymore because she’s always in the running.

The self confidence however is never ungracious. It just is. Meryl is always gracious to her fellow actors, and so articulate, even on the spot! Kate Winslet, for all her wonderful attributes, really needs to work on this.

How beautiful is Kristin Scott Thomas? Am told she and Ralph Fiennes shared a moment last night in the ballroom. The English Patient didn’t do it for me…but she and Ralph did. Actually, Ralph still does. He did in The Reader.

And Susan Sarandon. Susan Sarandon. That’s all.

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