Ms Streep killed it in a Balenciaga at the SAGs. Someone must be working with a stylist now? And the stylist delivered again for the Oscars. Meryl Streep in white – perfection. The hair – perfection. Her face – perfection. And virtually untouched. As you know however, when it comes to Meryl, it doesn’t matter what she wears. It’s a bonus if she’s wearing something great. And it’s always a bonus the way she wears something great. It’s not ... confidence, though of course she’s a confident woman. It’s not style either, though she obviously has her own unique flavour.

What makes Meryl glow, and what made her glow especially brightly last night, is that she was having a good a time, which might be a corny ass thing to say, and too f-cking Oprah, but while it might be trite in describing others, it’s 100% true of Meryl Streep. She comes to enjoy it. She really does enjoy it. She sees her friends, she tells dirty jokes, she supports her colleagues, she gets a champagne buzz and teases people inappropriately...

Meryl knows better than anyone else. She knows. She knew last night was not hers. And she’s one of the only people who, when she says that it doesn’t matter, truly means that it doesn’t matter.

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